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Belgrade Sightseeing Tour - Private tour

Belgrade Sightseeing Tour
During this tour we will visit the most important and remarkable sites in Belgrade or we might visit the areas completely out of tourist routes. Our professional chauffeur will drive us in a superior class car or mini-bus through the town and leave us at the shortest distance from attractions we are going to visit. Later he will collect us at a different point for a comfortable drive through this amazing town to our next stop.
We could begin the tour with a visit to the Vracar area and the Temple of Saint Sava, one of the largest Orthodox temples in the world, built by donations of Serbian people from all over the world and the pride and joy of all Serbians.
Then we would head off for a drive along Prince Alexander Boulevard lined with university buildings, state institutions, ministries and hundreds of shops. We would visit the Church of Saint Marco and the Russian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity, both standing above an underground man-made cave bigger than the two churches.
Afterwards, we would stroll through Kalemegdan Park and Belgrade Fortress and learn stories from the past, stories of wars fought on this hill and why different empires struggled so much to control this town. Amongst other interesting sites, we will visit the famous Rose Church of Our Lady where the chandeliers are made of ammunition used by Serbian Soldiers in World War I.
Finally we would walk to the Orthodox Cathedral of the Holy Archangel Saint Michael and to Patriarch’s Court. You will see Princess Ljubica Mansion and hear the story of this brave and proud woman who had the courage to oppose to her husband, Prince Milos, the absolute ruler of Serbia in 19th century.
During the tour we can visit one of the museums. You might be interested in visiting the Museum of Yugoslav History, where 220,000 gifts to former Yugoslav President Tito are kept. The museum is located in a part of the park which belonged to his residence. You will see his tomb and hundreds of priceless gifts from all over the world. You will hear the story of his private life and family and why this charismatic leader of the Yugoslav people was so much loved by Yugoslavs.

Group Info

Group Size :
1 - 50 persons
1 - 99 years

Duration & Cost

Entire Week
4 Hours
Group Discount Available

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