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Leave the centre of Ho Chi Minh City behind, cruise along Saigon River with a speedboat, and head to a historic place – Cu Chi Tunnels. It's will definitely be an adventurous and learning experience.
Served as the shelter and revolutionary base of operations of the Vietnamese soldiers during the wartime, this man-made Cu Chi Tunnels will offer you lots of interesting stories. After watching an informative video of presentation, the guide will take you to the underground network's most essential sections Vietnam War was a dark time, but learning about will make you appreciate the present much more.
Come and join us in this truly memorable trip.
Depart from Ho Chi Minh City pier early in the morning and begin your speedboat journey on the Saigon River. As the city fades into the background, observe life along the river and the many new ‘weekend’ homes being built by the Saigonese.
The cramped tunnels were central to a few of the war’s strategic operations, including the famous 1968 Tet Offensive, and they didn’t escape damage. American B52 bombers dropped hundreds of missiles leaving huge tell-tale craters behind. You’ll also discover the remains of an American tank that was destroyed by a landmine which you can climb on for great photos. The Cu Chi experience can be emotionally draining for some visitors, but it offers fascinating windows into the hardship and traumas of war.
Next, it’s a short drive through the countryside to visit a cricket farm. Some Vietnamese consider crickets a delicacy, and local lore says that hungry soldiers ate them to beef up their nutrient-poor diets. At the farm you’ll see crickets in various stages of growth.
Stop for a traditional Vietnamese lunch then transfer back Ho Chi Minh around 14.00.

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7 Hours
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