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Cape York Dreaming - A journey for discerning travellers

Quinkan Country, Cape York
With Off Road Adventure Safaris you are able
to visit the remarkable and world-renowned
icons that Cape York is famous for, as well as
many 'off the beaten track' destinations. We
can show you the heartbeat of the region,
and make this magnificent landscape even
more vibrant with experiences that will remain
with you long after you return home.

Cape York Peninsula is the largest unspoilt major
wilderness region in Australia and one of the
last remaining significant wilderness areas on earth.

It supports a complex mosaic of intact tropical rainforests, tropical and subtropical, grasslands
savannahs, heathlands, wetlands, wild rivers and mangroves.
The flora and fauna of Cape York Peninsula are a complex mixture of Gondwanan relics
making it one of the oldest natural habitats in existence. The Cape harbours an
extraordinary biodiversity, with more than 700 vertebrate land animal species, of which
40 are found only on Cape York. There are more than 260 identified plant species that
are Cape York specific.
The Cape is also home to the oldest living culture on earth. In many of the indigenous
communities traditional practices are a daily part of life. The area around Laura, on the
southern Cape, has been identified by UNESCO as one of the world’s top ten sites for
indigenous rock art.
So ... come with us to see, to touch, to smell and to learn ... come with us on a ride to
adventure ... on a journey of discovery. Come with us to capture the emotion and
romance, the tragedies and triumphs of Australia's amazing north!

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6 - 6 persons
15 - 90 years

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Entire Week
12 Days
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