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posted on April 24, 2014

Thinking of travelling to France in the next few months? Well here's a couple of suggestions from

1.       Monaco Grand Prix between May 23rd and May 26th

One of the most prestigious races in the Formula 1 World championship. The race is held in the streets of Monaco located on the French reviera in Western Europe.


posted on March 13, 2014

Holi – festival of colours – INDIA

Holi is a Hindu festival that welcomes the start of spring. It is celebrated for good harvest of crops and fertility of soil.

It filled with fun and frolics which starts with a holika bonfire the night before, where everybody just simply gets together to display some magnificent singing  and dancing and some not so magnificent lol. On the day …

posted on March 9, 2014
You can google or buy one of thousands of guidebooks that will tell you about places to visit, but in my opinion not a single one can match the experience and local knowledge of a personal tour guide. A good guide will make your trip an amazing experience whereas a bad guide can make you feel like you wish you never left home. So the question is what makes a good guide?
I personally …
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