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Calling all Travellers/Tour Guides/Tour Companies/Transfer Companies/Activity Organisers (surfing/diving/cruises/adrenaline sports and more). Anyone and anything to do with travel! is a new and exciting website, created purely as a one stop shop to help connect Travellers to Tour Guides and Tour/Activity Companies worldwide. has been designed to help Travellers connect to Tour Guides directly, whether that be through email, phone, personal messaging or Skype®. Travellers make their own plans directly with the Guide and tailor their trip to their requirements without the need for a middle man.

1)      Provides an online platform for Travellers to connect to Tour Guides so that they can enjoy their travel experience. This can range from a simple taxi transfer to a week long expedition in the Sahara. Travellers can dive to the depths of the ocean or tour the wonders of the world with
2)      Provides an online platform for Tour/Activity Guides and Companies to connect to Travellers, allowing them to do what they do best – provide the Traveller with the best travel experience.  
With the recent launch of the website, we are encouraging Tour Guides and Tour Companies to register on It's completely free and PickMyGuide does not take commission for any business (unlike other sites). is just simply a way of connecting Travellers and Guides alike!!! Account

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