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Escuela Montalban Granada, Spain

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Mrs. Margarete Fortmann
C/ Conde Cifuentes, nº 11 - 18005 Granada, Spain ,
Granada 18005 ,
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+34 635 67 04 60
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Welcome to our Spanish language school in Granada!
Why don't you combine you vacations with a Spanish course in Granada which is one of the most beautiful cities of Spain? Escuela Montalbán has been offering Spanish language courses in Granada since 1986. Study Spanish with us in an efficient and enjoyable way!
For those students who are interested in Spanish courses combined with cultural activities we highly recommend our Spanish for Body and Mind Programme. You can choose between cooking classes, Yoga sessions, photo walks, Tango, Salsa or Flamenco dancing, Flamenco guitar or singing, horseback riding, hiking, mountain biking or rock climbing in Sierra Nevada and in Granada Natural Parks.
We have been teaching Spanish as a foreign language since 1986. Our Spanish school is located in Granada, one of the most fascinating cities in Andalusia, southern Spain. The Spanish courses are held throughout the year. The friendly atmosphere and personal touch of our Spanish classes as well as Granada's Andalusian charm will turn your language holidays into an unforgettable experience.
The school building, characterised by its Andalusian style, its friendly classrooms, and its beautiful courtyard, retains much of the charm and intimacy of a family home. It is situated in a quiet location just ten minutes away from the city centre. Students from all over the world and from different age groups participate in our Spanish language programme throughout the year. An extensive cultural programme always complements the Spanish courses.
We are accredited by the Spanish Instituto Cervantes since 2002 and we are also a D.E.L.E. examination centre. With 1000 students every year we can be considered as a medium-sized Spanish language school.
Our school is a member of Tandem International with a network of language schools in Europe and overseas.

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    Narrmora 20 Oct 17

    Escuela Montalbán has got quite a few things going its way.
    Firstly, the location. Granada is one of the most beautiful cities in Spain, and while there are other that are bigger, or have a beach right on the edge of the city, none has the charm that she does.
    My second point is along the same tracks, but more precise. The location within the city. It is pretty much in the city centre so it’s easy to get to and you can go sightseeing straight from the class without wasting time. Yet it is not in the busy, noisy, tourist laden part, so apart from the lone dog barking from time to time, the area is very quite, which as you can imagine, is quite the ideal place for a school to be at.
    Now since this is a school, let’s dive into the good stuff, classes. I spent a couple of weeks here doing the Standard course, and over the course of my time there, I had classes or at least contact with pretty much every staff member. They are, obviously, all different, but they do have one thing in common though, and that’s the passion for teaching and the patience required to do so well. All of them are very friendly and try to find new ways of reaching and captivating their students, as they know that the old ways are not necessarily always the best. Ranging from board games, through watching videos and movies to discussing the hot topics of the day (Cataluña in my case) there was always interesting to do. Obviously, you can’t just skip grammar, but it can be complemented by interesting and fun things to do, so after having learned something, you use it in order to remember it for longer than the first 30mins after the class is over.
    And last but certainly not least, there’s the cultural program that they offer. Cultural program is an important part of language apprehension, as it’s not just the language classes that you need to have in order to learn properly, you also need to get to know the culture/s behind the language and socialize a bit either with other students or locals, which once again, promotes the use of Spanish, that is the only way that you truly learn and improve.
    TL:DR - I had a blast while in Escuela Montalbán, and would deffo recommend to anyone.

    Pavel 24 Feb 17

    I was 3 months at Escuela Montalbán in Granada doing an Intensive Spanish course, which included 2 classes of grammar and 2 conversation classes per day. I started from the very beginning and improved my Spanish very quickly thanks to a professionalism of the teachers and very well selected groups. In fact, I was able to communicate with other students with the same level of Spanish, which helped us learn Spanish more efficiently with a help of a teacher and have fun as well.

    The staff of the Spanish school was extremely friendly and helpful, especially Paco. In the first day they helped me with my accommodation, informed me about different possibilities and important places in the city, and helped me get my debit card in a bank, which was incredibly important as well.

    The accommodation was provided by the school. In the apartment I lived with 4 Spanish persons, who helped me boost my Spanish and experience Spanish culture and traditions. They were very friendly, kind and open-minded.

    On the one hand, teachers were very professional and provided well-structured content. On another hand, they were very funny making a lot of jokes. Thus, they delivered a great combination of serious and funny content, which helped us feel comfortable and learn Spanish in a great atmosphere.

    Another important part of learning Spanish language and culture took place outside of our classes. The school organized different social and cultural activities in the evenings and on weekends. In the first week we went to the Arabic bath, which helped me relieve stress from the first days of my adaptation to a new country. Moreover, I discovered an incredible art-form, which was born in Granada and called Flamenco. The flamenco show included very emotional and expressional music and dance. I fell in love with it and would love to experience it again. Another incredible activity was a tapa tour with the teacher Marisa, when almost all the students went out together to explore the tapas culture in different local bars. There is a tradition in Granada to give tapas for free when you order a drink.

    I would definitely recommend this school to everybody, who wants to learn Spanish and discover a great culture of the beautiful Granada and Spain in general.

    Amber 09 Mar 16

    I was for 4 weeks at Escuela Montalban to follow a level intermediate B2 course. The quality of the lessons is really good since they offer only small classes and teachers are really friendly and knowledgeable! They only speak Spanish to you, therefore, it enforces you to speak and it develops your Spanish!
    The atmosphere in the school is great! The school is cozy and the teachers, people that work there are extremely friendly, knowledgeable and warm. But also being able to experience the culture and lifestyle in Granada cannot be underestimated. Therefore, they organize different kind of activities, one of them was a tapa tour through the center of Granada with Ruben!
    I definitely want to go back to follow another course, maybe in combination with cooking classes that they offer!

    Freye Elisabeth 02 Mar 16

    I just finished a 3 month Spanish course at Escuela Montalban. I enjoyed my time there a lot. The atmosphere was relaxed and the staff was really friendly, so that I felt welcome and like a part of the school comunity. I learned a lot. The lessons were effective and interesting and I liked the teachers.
    The school offered a lot of different activities, such as hiking, rock climbing and horse riding in Sierra Nevada National Park, Flamenco dancing, cooking classes or movie evenings. The activities make it easy to get to know the other students and to make new friends from all over the world.
    Granada is a great city. I love the tapas culture for example. With every drink you get a tapa for free. What I liked the most was hiking in the Sierra Nevada and dancing Salsa and Bachata. There are dance partys every night and I improved a lot while being here. Dancing Salsa helped me as well to make Spanisch friends and to use my new knowledges of the language.
    I was sad when I had to leave Escuela Montalban and Granada.

    I will come back for sure as soon as posible and I can recommend everybody to go there as well!

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