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Sarajevo free walking tour

Sarajevo is the capital and the largest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina. It’s famous for its long tradition of cultural and religious diversity, having Muslim, Orthodox, Catholic and Jewish population, living together in this region for hundreds of years. This is the reason Sarajevo is sometimes refered to as – „the European Jerusalem“. Throughout its long and rich history, Sarajevo was in the focus of the world’s attention several times. In 1914, Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sofia were assassinated in Sarajevo, which was the event that triggered World War I.
70 years later, in 1984, Sarajevo was the host of the XXIV Winter Olympic Games, when athletes from all over the world came to Sarajevo. Few years later, in 1992, Sarajevo was under the siege, which was the longest siege in history of modern warfare.
On this tour you will be introduced to the beauty of Sarajevo, diversities and well-known hospitality of Bosnian people.
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- Sarajevo City Hall; Baš?aršija – Turkish part of the town; The Emperors mosque – the oldest mosque in the town; The Latin bridge – the place of Franz Ferdinand’s assassination; Bezistan – Ottoman closed market; Tašlihan – remains of the biggest karavan-saray in town; Gazi Husrev Bey's Mosque – the biggest and most famous mosque in the country; Old orthodox church in Baš?aršija; Old Jewish temple in Baš?aršija


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